“This is not the typical how-to-achieve-spirituality book, but another creature altogether. Have a read and you may well find yourself in another sphere of perception, one that will send you along a path toward something of great value for you.”
—John Grinder, Co-Creator of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)

To be released August 15th

We all face challenges, but can overcome them with the right roadmap.

“All my life I have experienced a profound longing to have access to a hidden world, a place where everything is possible and the rules of being are different than those of our earthly existence.”
Anna Gatmon

Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World demystifies the often elusive nature of spirituality and brings it down to earth. Using the practical tools provided in this book will result in a deeper sense of meaning, an enhanced feeling of purpose, and best of all, a greater sense of unconditional joy in everything you do.

Many of us fail to see that our spiritual essence and material life are, in fact, intertwined. Instead of recognizing that Spirit is also present in the work we do, the relationships we have, and our overall engagement with the world around us, we have developed false notions that create a split between what we call “spiritual” and what we call “material.” Consenting to cultural norms, we have accepted the false perception that the spiritual and the material aspects of life are separate.

Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World shares the Four Keys to find your spiritual balance and help mend this spiritual–material split. The Four Keys will help you share your unique spirit more fully and support your spiritual development in a very practical, hands-on way.

Practicing the Four Keys will deepen your connection to the spiritual dimension of your life and show you how to bring out your distinctive spiritual gifts. You will develop your innate capacity for inner guidance and learn how to manifest your full potential as a spiritual being so that you can live a fulfilling and purposeful life—one that is spiritually guided yet grounded in your daily material living.

Immediate and long-term benefits you can expect to experience when using the Four Keys include:

  • The ability to find peace and break out of a dispirited mood within minutes
  • A shift from feeling alone in the world to feeling that you are cared for and guided by a loving Universe
  • An increased capability to enhance your impact on daily situations
  • Rapid development of your intuitive decision-making skills
  • Manifestation of your true and authentic self
  • Passionate engagement in expressing your unique divine purpose
  • A greater sense of harmony, intimacy, and connection with people
  • Leading an overall healthier physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life

Whether you have just begun your conscious spiritual journey or have been on the path for quite some time, reading Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World and using the Four Keys will accelerate your spiritual development and help you live a more balanced, fulfilled, and purposeful life.

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